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Remote Site SCADA – Past, Present, Future – More Data = More Information

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It’s All About the Size of the Data Pipe Posted March 2022 in Articles Section at Water & Wastes Digest As a group, water and wastewater utilities, public or private, have responsibility for an enormous amount of remote, unattended facilities that have to operate 24/7/365. That means a lot of people in a lot of vehicles driving a lot miles and taking care of a LOT of facilities. This article will show how SCADA’s evolution allowing [...]

Sentry Cellular Remote Site Video

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Posted March 2022 in New Product Showcase at Water & Wastes Digest The Sentry video system combines edge computers, high speed cellular and high-def cameras into a turnkey system for remote sites… all for the cost of a simple autodialer. It installs in under an hour. High-def video and pictures are delivered real-time, on demand or when something happens, to your phone, office or SCADA system. The system can handle multiple cameras. All video is cloud stored [...]

Memoreyes® Releases Low-Cost Prepackaged Video System for Remote Site Management

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Posted Feb 21, 2022 in Water & Wastes Digest Memoreyes® Municipal announces a complete video system with cellular communications, a prepackaged field device and cloud/web access services for pumping, instrument and other remote sites. The company’s president, John Collings, pioneered cellular/web-based SCADA over 20 years ago. “What was missing was affordable and reliable remote site video. This system can be completely up and running in less than an hour. The trick was to have high-def video and [...]

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