The Future of Remote Site Management

What You Get

Sentry Field Device

  • Edge computer
  • High speed cellular modem
  • Hi-def camera(s)
  • Power supply with battery backup
  • Antenna
  • Thermal motion sensor
  • Bright LED spotlight
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Mounting hardware
  • All for the cost of a simple autodialer

Cloud/Web Management Services

  • Encrypted VPN connections throughout system
  • Alarm notifications include phone calls, emails and texts
  • Simple web interface to view and download video or pictures
  • All video and pictures stored for two years
  • Daily site inspection pictures and report
  • End-to-end system operation tests every 5 minutes
  • Optimized for poor cellular coverage areas
  • All services, inc. cell costs, in one, stable, monthly fee